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Vintage Gas Pump Globes

Gas pump globes, also known as gas globes or petrol globes, are transparent or translucent globes that were once a common feature of gas stations. These globes were used to advertise the brand of gasoline being sold at the station and were typically displayed on top of the gas pump. The history of gas globes dates back to the early 20th century, when gasoline became more readily available, and the use of automobiles began to increase. As the demand for gasoline grew, gas stations began to pop up all over the country, and the use of gas globes as a means of advertising became more widespread.

Over the years, gas globes have evolved in both design and materials used. Early gas globes were made of glass and featured simple, straightforward designs. As the technology and manufacturing techniques improved, more elaborate and colorful designs were introduced, and plastic globes became more common.

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Old Gas Pump Globes

Long ago, gas pumps not only served our needs by providing us with fuel, they also advertised the company of the gasoline they supplied. These pumps were beautiful, not like the gas pumps of today where it’s mostly industrial. No, these gas pumps made a statement and that same statement stands today. One of the main features that stood out were the globes that sat atop the pumps. Quite simply, a round ring with two glass lens which showed the company’s name and logo. Advertising globes today are highly sought after pieces. Unlike their metal advertising counterparts, being normal porcelain signs, the glass lens could shatter, making gas pump globes scarcer than the signs.

When Did They Stop Putting Globes on Gas Pumps?

The use of globes on gas pumps declined in the 1950s and 1960s as gas stations began to switch to more modern signage and branding. However, some gas stations continued to use globes on their pumps until the 1970s and 1980s.

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How to Tell an Original Gas Pump Globe

Determining if a gas pump globe is original can be challenging, as there were many reproductions and fakes made over the years. However, here are some tips that can help you determine if a gas pump globe is original:

  1. Check for age: One way to determine if a gas pump globe is original is to look for signs of age, such as scratches, wear, and discoloration. A genuine vintage globe will typically have some signs of wear and use that would be absent in a newer reproduction.
  2. Check the glass: Look closely at the glass on the globe. Original globes will typically have a certain type of glass that is called “single-strength” glass, which is thinner and less durable than the tempered glass used in modern reproductions.
  3. Check the graphics: Look at the graphics on the globe. Original globes will have graphics that are hand-painted, whereas newer globes are typically made using a decal or a screen-printing process. Hand-painted graphics will typically have some imperfections or variations in the color or lines.
  4. Check the mounting hardware: Look at the mounting hardware that is used to attach the globe to the pump. Original globes will typically have brass or cast-iron mounting rings that are attached to the glass using bolts, while newer globes may use plastic or other materials.
  5. Consult an expert: If you are still unsure whether you have an original gas pump globe, you may want to consult with an expert in vintage gas pump collectibles. They will have the knowledge and experience to help you determine the authenticity of your globe.

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Vintage Gas Pump Globes for Sale

Today, gas globes are highly sought after by collectors and are considered to be a form of folk art. There are many collectors’ clubs and forums dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of gas globes. These collectors value the history and nostalgia associated with gas globes and are often willing to pay high prices for rare and unique examples.

Collecting vintage gas pump globes can be a rewarding hobby for those who appreciate the history and nostalgia of the early days of the automotive industry. These globes are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a window into the past, offering a glimpse of the brands and designs that were popular during a specific time period. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the hobby, gas pump globes are an interesting and unique collectible that are sure to delight and fascinate.

Gas Pump Globe Appraisals

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Below are just a few examples of collectible gas pump globes.

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