Mail Pouch Tobacco Sign

This is a rectangular Mail Pouch porcelain sign. This particular Mail Pouch sign is blue with yellow and white text. It reads, “Mail Pouch, Chew, Smoke, Treat Yourself To The Best” and features a thin white border.

Mail Pouch Tobacco Porcelain Sign


Vintage Mail Pouch chewing tobacco signs are a true collector’s gem. These signs, which were produced in the late 19th century to the mid 20th century, feature bold typography, detailed illustrations, and bright colors that make them stand out in any collection. The signs were designed to advertise Mail Pouch chewing tobacco, and typically feature images of farmers, cowboys or other outdoor scenes enjoying a chew.

One of the things that makes these signs so desirable to collectors is their rarity and historical significance. Many of these signs were produced in limited quantities and were displayed in harsh outdoor environments, which has made them difficult to find in good condition today. Additionally, these signs are a piece of history that tells a story of the time, the design and the advertising techniques used in the past.

Another aspect that makes these signs valuable for collectors is the intricate artwork and attention to detail. The signs were hand-painted and often feature intricate illustrations that showcase the skill of the artist. They are a true work of art, and it’s fascinating to see how the signs reflect the cultural and social norms of the time.

Vintage Mail Pouch chewing tobacco signs are a must-have for any collector. They are rare, unique, and offer a fascinating glimpse into the past. If you’re lucky enough to find one in good condition, it’s definitely worth adding to your collection. They are not only a great conversation starter but also an interesting representation of Americana culture.


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