This Studebaker neon porcelain sign is likely double sided and has red, white, light blue, and dark blue coloring. The sign has text that reads “Studebaker Cars and Trucks.”

Studebaker Neon Porcelain Sign


A true treasure trove for sign collectors, vintage Studebaker neon signs make a great gift. These neon signs were made in the middle of the 20th century and feature the Studebaker logo. They are highly sought-after for their colorful designs.

The “Studebaker-The Pride of America” neon sign is one of the most well-known vintage Studebaker signs. This sign has a bright red background and the Studebaker logo prominently displayed at the center. This sign is a popular choice among collectors due to its bold, white letters and patriotic imagery. This sign is an excellent representation of American pride and heritage, with its red, white and bleu color scheme.

Another vintage Studebaker neon sign that is very popular is the “Drive a Studebaker – The Smart Choice” sign. This sign has a bright yellow background and features the Studebaker logo on the left. The words “The Smart Choice”, in bold, black letters, are written on the right. This sign is simple and effective, making it an essential part of any collection. The brand’s quality reputation for innovation and quality is highlighted by the catchy slogan and bright yellow color.

Vintage Studebaker neon signs make a great addition to any collection, no matter if you are an experienced collector or just starting out. These signs are both visually stunning and a valuable piece of American automobile history. Don’t be afraid to add a vintage Studebaker neon sign to your collection if you find one. This sign would make a wonderful addition to any retro- or vintage-themed room.


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