vintage license plate toppers

License Plate Toppers

License Plate Toppers are small porcelain signs with a tail that can be screwed over the top of your license plate. License toppers were very popular in the 1930’s and 40’s. These decorative items were attached to the top of a car’s license plate and were designed to add a bit of style and flair to a vehicle. In some cases, they could also be used to advertise a business or organization. Vintage license plate toppers are highly sought after by collectors today, as they are becoming increasingly rare. They can be found in antique stores, online auctions, and other sources. Toppers are somewhat hard to find these days mainly because of their small size and the fact that not many of each topper was minted. However, despite their small size, they can still bring a high price.

Vintage License Plate Toppers has a large collection and directory of vintage license plate toppers. These were originally intended to be displayed on vehicles' fronts and backs. In the early 1900s, license plate toppers were introduced to help drivers advertise their services or businesses to the public. They became very popular among non-commercial drivers in the 1920s and 1930s as a way of displaying their personality and interests. Although most license plate topper were made from porcelain, some were made out of glass or plastic.

The nostalgia factor is one reason vintage license plate toppers are so popular. People love to collect and share items and things from their childhoods or from a particular time period. License plate toppers can bring back memories from an earlier era. These items can be used to add an extra touch to a classic vehicle or truck. They can also be used to show a driver's affiliation to other things, such as a group or organization.

License plate toppers come in various types, each with its own unique design and significance. From classic car enthusiasts to members of organizations, vintage license plate toppers offer a nice, nostalgic touch and a sense of identity. Whether it's a topper representing a specific era or showcasing one's affiliation, many people order and these collectible items to share and show-off as a nice addition in their home or garage, as they add a special charm to any vehicle.

Old License Plate Toppers for Sale

It can be fun and rewarding to collect vintage license plate toppers. These items can be purchased at flea markets and antique shops, as well as online marketplaces like eBay. Collectors may be focused on one type of license plate topper, such as ones from a specific state or those that promote a certain brand or product. Some collectors may have a large collection of license plate topper, and are always looking for unusual or unique items to add to it.

No matter what the theme of your collection is, vintage license plates can be an interesting way to show off one's personality. These items are popular with car enthusiasts and collectors alike, whether they're used for display or as part of a classic car.

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