The World of Porcelain Signs!

Welcome to the World of Porcelain Signs. We’ve created this site to help everyone, whether you’re a seasoned collector, a new comer to the hobby, or would just like to learn some general information about Porcelain Signs. This site has over 2,500 pictures and counting of vintage porcelain advertising. You’ll also find Gas Pump Globes, Door Pushes, License Plate Toppers, Lollipop Stands, and many more porcelain advertising pieces.

Crystal Springs Beer Porcelain Sign

7 Oaks Dairy Porcelain Sign

Porcelain advertising signs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some signs, that are used by oil companies, are as big as cars while others are the size of your hand. They are used to promote companies product or state the status of a small town business. Today, these signs are mainly used as wall art, restaurant decor, or bragging rights pieces you’ll see inside man caves. Doesn’t matter where you see them, you can’t disregard the overwhelming beauty and the ever apparent history behind these gorgeous works of art.

Globe Ethyl Porcelain SignOhio Edison Company

There is, however, a price that comes with owning vintage porcelain signs. In the past 10 years, prices for these advertising symbols have absolutely sky-rocketed. Which is why many companies have opened their doors to making reproductions. A cheaper alternative to gain access to that special sign, but be careful for there are those who sell porcelain reproductions as legitimate porcelain signs for legitimate prices. If you’d like more information to better yourself in deciphering between an authentic or imitation porcelain sign, check out our Real Vs Fake section.

Bulko Gasoline Porcelain SignPee Gee Paint Flange



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